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First things first, we have a lot of resources to offer you but we just want to make sure you are only using the right tools, we have developed, for the stage that you are at as an entrepreneur, which is the stage your business is at right now.


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We developed this Entrepreneur Progress Map for you, so that you can see how we can best serve you to grow to the next level. 

We are so glad you are here and we hope that you will read through this information and let us know where you are and how we can help.

Think of this as your road map to growth as an entrepreneur, and as a result, growth in your business.
This map will help you in 3 main ways:

1. Helps determine where you are in your business.
2. Provides action steps for growth.
3. Emphasizes which resources you should focus on to achieve business growth.



Not yet started a business and/or deciding which business idea(s) to pursue or develop.


Just started a business or running it for a short time or less than 3 years.


Established business focused on building a team, establishing processes and scaling reach revenue.


Are you a person who has not yet started a business but hopes to soon or one day?

Your feelings and aspirations: You have been thinking about starting a business, but may not be sure about what business to start or where to begin. Do you have multiple business ideas but you are not sure what to pursue?

If yes, then you are a DREAMER. You belong in our wonderful group of aspiring entreprenuers whom we would love to work with to refine your ideas and finally start to pursue your big business dreams.

Our Recommended Resources:

THE KIND OF RESULTS YOU CAN EXPECT from our resources as a dreamer:

Finally decide on one main business idea to pursue

Develop a unique value proposition for your main product/service

Decide on a specific target audience group to serve first

Discover you have what it takes to start a business


Are you a person who has just started a business that is less than 3 years old?

You are growing your business steadily and receiving requests for your products or services. You are excited because your business is growing but you are having difficulty managing your day-to-day operations, growing a team, finding new customers and really growing your business. . You are excited about your business but also fearful of the unknown future. 

If this is you, you are a FEAR CRUSHER.  We would love to work with you to set up the foundations of your business so that you no longer have to worry about its sustainability and how to keep things afloat.

Our Recommended Resources:

THE KIND OF RESULTS YOU CAN EXPECT from our resources as a fear crusher:

Finally build a Business Model

Plan short and medium term business activities

Develop a business brand

Grow a small business team


Are you a person running an established business for more than 3 years?

You are confident in your business, and it is now time to fine-tune. You don’t need to change what you are doing, but you want to focus on streamlining your processes. You are ready to increase your product/services line, increase income streams, grow your brand reach and customer base, and scale your business to the next level.

If this sounds like you, you are an EAGLE. We would like to work with you to scale your business by leveraging technology, networks and partnerships as well as develop results driven business systems.

Our Recommended Resources:

THE KIND OF RESULTS YOU CAN EXPECT from our resources as an eagle:

Finally built and grown your team

Finally creating more products/services

Finally have results driven business processes

Finally achieved your annual revenue goal


It's never too late



your dreams

and have a big



The One Thing that may be stopping you from Selling to your Customers

Refining your business idea is crucial to what may very well be a long-term business career.
 Which is why it is important to get the idea right. Get access to it here. 

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