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Teesa Advisory Services creates free and paid online business resources/tools such as online courses and business coaching support to help African businesses grow/thrive.

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If you're looking to level up your game, you're in the right place. 

We are all about creating simple, unique and practical business content to meet entrepreneurs’ business needs, and building a community of African entrepreneurs to grow together and support each other.  

You’re more qualified to start and grow a business than you think you are. But if you are anything like us, you need some fire under your wings to really help you fly and soar.

With the right tools and support at your disposal, you will be enthusiastic about starting and growing your business instead of feeling fear and stress about the process


We provide support to African entrepreneurs through online business courses, business coaching, one-on-one consultations and traditional advisory services. 

What we do...

Paula Henriette Mugisa is a Business Development Consultant with 10 years of business development experience. Paula has experience in business coaching for African female entrepreneurs, and course creation for curriculums for African entrepreneurs. She is a speaker and business thought leader as well as the Vlog/Podcast host of the Business Tool Workshop

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The Business Tool Workshop Podcast

Content that is specifically designed for the entrepreneur that requires actionable strategies that they can implement in their business to achieve their goals. Subscribe to our Podcast for free access to content that will change how you run your business.  


Our Services

We provide multiple services, tools and programmes that provide support to African entrepreneurs to grow innovative and sustainable business that can compete on a global stage.



Get This Really Great Free Training

Our Free “Business Ideation Module” Mini Course is a simple and easy-to-use tool to help you think through and refine your business idea. It is crucial to what may very well be a long-term business career which is why it is important to get the idea right. 


Success Stories

The Tutandike course opened my mind up to the foundational aspects an entrepreneur needs to consider when starting and growing a business.

 I used the insights I acquired from this course to design and develop my first draft of an entrepreneurship curriculum. that we use at ZENA  to train female entrepreneurs.

I have my journey with Teesa, to thank for the opportunity to do such work and impact the lives of many women.

- faith natukunda


Ready SetBook.

Don’t know where to begin with starting or growing your business? Book a one-on-consultation with our team leader to discuss and refine your ideas.

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