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We're all about working with entrepreneurs who are hungry for more and supporting them to innovate successfully and do business differently in the African Market. Here we equip you with the necessary knowledge and skills to develop a long-term business vison you are committed to 

We believe that every entrepreneur is on a unique journey and we want to walk with you in a way that’s most suitable to you : Tailored to your experience, skills and abilities, strengths and weakness.

Beyond business strategies, our coaching focuses on your personal growth as an entrepreneur. We'll help you enhance your leadership skills, mindset, and resilience, enabling you to thrive in all aspects of your entrepreneurial life.

One on One


• Online Small Business Fundamentals Course for Ugandan
Entrepreneurs [The Tutandike Course]
• Business Skills for Creatives


The Teesa 

Our Courses are a collection of multimedia (video, audio and text) tools and strategies to help you strategize and plan business activities that will catapult your business growth.

PR for a Global Audience

PR for a Global Audience is an online business course teaching entrepreneurs to leverage Public Relations to extend their reach global audience through their personal and business brands.


Create your own Course in 30 Days

Let’s help you Monetize your Skills and Experiences. We can support you to co-create Skilling Content, so that you can have the impact you want to have in the community where you serve through Content Development, Production and Hosting at no Upfront Cost.


Create an entrepreneur profile to demo your track record

CREATE an ENTREPRENEUR PROFILE to demonstrate your Capacity as a Business Owner and What you are About